Transferring data between remote sql servers

Recently I have been posed with the question of the best solution to use for transferring data between SQL Server’s. I understand a large number of individuals rely heavily on SSIS. I am against this due to the lack of the ability of tailoring a system to your needs. If I could have it my way, everyone would implement their own CRUD classes. However, this is not the case, nor feasible, within today’s industry expectations. More often we, us developers, are semi-forced to use other tools, such as Entity Framework unless we have our own skeleton framework on the side. The first thing I turned towards was using an Entity Framework Context Generator, but the lack of respecting namespaces stopped that fairly quickly due to the sheer size of the database. The next, and more flexible, option was Linq to SQL. This ORM at least respects namespaces, but doesn’t handle concurrent operations out of the box. I started leaning towards Linq to SQL, because the more I thought about it the more it made sense to use to retrieve, manipulate and store it by creating custom classes from the DataContext’s classes.

What I am dying to know is, what solutions and/or ideas have you come up with or implemented?

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